Peace RDA - Black
  • Peace RDA - Black

    Peace RDA - Black

  • 【Brief】:

    5GVape Peace RDA 22mm - Black

    1). Diameter: 22mm
    2). Height: 32mm
    3). Material: 316 ss
    4). Colors: SS/Black
    5). Drip tip: 1pc Wide drip tip and 1pc 510 drip tip
    6). Wick: Single coil
    7). Airflow: Bottom adjustable intake, different sizes airlow holes are suitable for different coils building
    8). Refill: It can be refilled both from the top and bottom (BF Pin), and it has a 2.5 ml hidden storage tank at the bottom
    9). Building coil: The heating wire is fixed in parallel with the positive pole and the negative pole.
    10). Pin: Gold plated and Anti - screw loosening pin.

  • 【Series】:Peace RDA 22mm

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