Black Swan RDA - Blue
  • Black Swan RDA - Blue

    Black Swan RDA - Blue

  • 【Brief】:

    Black Swan RDA Blue

    One kit includes:

    1). 1pc Black Swan RDA
    2). 5pcs O-ring
    3). 2pcs gold allan key screws
    4). 1pc BF pin
    5). 1pc allan key screws wrench
    6). 1pc screw driver

  • 【Series】:Black Swan RDA

Black Swan RDA Blue

1). Diameter: 24mm
2). Height: 39mm
3). Material: 304 Stainless steel
4). Colors: SS, Black, Gold, Blue, Rianbow
5). 810 POM black drip tip. Dual coil
6). Airflow: Using bottom vertical intake and top adjustable down intake mode, with hot filament as the center, the bottom and the top are cross inlet, with large smoke and strong taste.
7). Refilling: It can be refilled from the top and bottom (BF pin)
8). Make wire: The heating wire is fixed up and down parallel with the positive and negative poles, which is simple and convenient.
9). Pin: Gold plated and Anti - screw loosening pin.

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